In-connect can utilise its automatic machinery to process wires and cable at extremely cost effective rates. Whether you want simple wires cut to length, crimps terminals or ferrules applied or wires tinned ready for soldering In-connect is your ideal supplier.

Wire processing can be carried out on wires ranging from 28 - 5 awg (0.08 - 16 mm2) and In-connect can source many different wire styles such as tri-rated, hook up or equipment wire, most styles are available off the shelf whist other less common types can be obtained on short leadtimes. Wires can be cut to any length you require, stripped on one or both ends and then terminated or tinned according to your specific requirements. Wires are usually supplied bundled and batched to suit your manufacturing or can be supplied in kit form.

A large number of wire marking options are available to customers than want easy identification of wires or cables. Wires can be numbered or colour coded using pre-printed markers or alternatively custom labels can be printed with information such as product codes, batch numbers or date codes. Printing can be done directly onto wires or cables, onto heatshrink or on wrap around style labels.

In-connect currently sources and processes many different cable styles and has access to custom cable suppliers based in Europe and in the Far East. We also offer a cutting and processing service to those customers that want to free issue cable to us.

A very wide range of crimp options are available for application onto wires or cable and In-connect utilises the latest in crimp application technology to ensure that terminals are applied to the highest possible quality standards. We make regular use of in process Crimp force monitoring, crimp height checks and destructive crimp pull off force testing.

For more information on any of our wire and cable processing services, contact us via phone on 01522 522 522 or via email on

Alternatively please complete the bespoke product requirement form and one of our engineers will look at your enquiry straight away.

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