Bespoke Connector Design & Development

If you need a connector that isn’t available on the market or you want yours to stand out, we can design and build a high quality custom connector to suit your exact requirements. We offer a complete design and development service, and have more than 25 years’ worth of happy customers.

Connector Design


Collaborative approach to design

Through meetings and discussions, we will work with you to understand your project and devise Application Specific Interconnect Solutions, using optimal design, supply chain and manufacture to maximise cost efficiency.


Development process

After the initial meetings we will prepare 3D design proposals and through further discussion with you, we will arrive at the optimum solution. We’ll then produce 3D printed models before developing production tooling.


UK manufactured and several LCE options

Our connectors are made in the UK to strict standards and in-connect has attained ISO9001 certification. We are able to keep our costs down and ensure minimal lead times thanks to our established supply chain.


Experienced and knowledgeable staff

We have over 25 years’ experience of designing and developing bespoke connectors and many of our staff have achieved relevant IPC certification. A number of products we designed are now recognised as industry standard.

Why come to us for custom connector design & development:

  • Over 25 years’ experience, with customers in 13 countries
  • Bespoke connector design with a personalised design process
  • IPC-certified staff and in-connect has ISO9001 certification
  • High quality custom connectors at competitive prices
  • Fast, reliable turnaround and delivery
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