Low pressure over moulding uses Macromelt materials and offers a lower tooling cost than standard injection moulding. This lower initial investment makes this process much more suited to low and medium volume applications where a professional moulded finish was previously not a viable option. This process uses an affordable aluminium mould tool set, helping improve performance and profit.

In-connect work with Macromelt to provide a service that is suitable for many different applications as the material grips to PVC, sealing and anchoring cables and bonding with clean steel, solders and other metals. When cool this material is tough retaining slight flexibility and below 0° becomes rigid.

All items produced by In-connect are fully tested and inspected by our dedicated QA department to ensure reliability levels are exceptional. In-connect is also fully certified to ISO 9001 : 2008. For more details of our quality led approach please visit our dedicated QA page.

In-connect is a highly flexible manufacturer who can cope with both low and high volume requirements, and will work with customers to ensure lead times are minimal. We also hold stock for customers allowing next day and line side deliveries of products as required.

If you are interested or have an queries regarding our services please call on 01522 522 522 or send us an enquiry using our enquiry form.

Recent News

Greenstock Investment in Overmoulding Capabilities

Greenstock are proud to report that they have invested in a new moulding machine. This is another clear statement that Greenstock are committed to not only quality products, but with the aid of this new machinery they are also devoted to reducing the costs for its customers.

Greenstock In-connect Expand Offshore Manufacturing Capabilities

In-Connect work with Far Eastern partners to drive down costs without compromising on quality