Cable Assembly

In-connect can supply cable assemblies to your exact specifications when you need them. Whether you want custom cable assemblies specifically designed, or a cable assembly manufactured from your specification, In-connect have the capability, see below for our full manufacturing facilities.

Cable processing

In-connect operates a Komax Kappa 235 automatic cable cutting and stripping machine together with an automatic de-reeling machine. This gives us the ideal blend of performance, user convenience and functionality, and also the capability to process a large range of cable harnesses for custom cable assemblies from single wires to complex dual screened multicore cables.

Wire processing

Our Kodera wire processing equipment provides a simple solution to cutting and stripping single wires, with a capability to cut wire ranging from 28 to 9 awg, (0.08 to 6 square mm), ideal for custom designed cables.

Crimp application

We have several options when it comes to applying crimp terminals to wire or cable. Crimp force analysis is carried out to BS 6516 on all our machinery to ensure that we are producing a high quality product; all of our crimp presses are tested before and after each batch of work is produced. Crimp height testing is also carried out where appropriate.

Automatic strip & crimp

Today's desire for components and PCB's to be miniaturised and take up the minimum amount of space has put a lot of pressure on the industry to come up with ever smaller connectivity solutions. To cope with this requirement we possess an automatic strip and crimp press, this is regularly used to apply some of the smallest crimp terminals on the market today to wires down to 28awg, the press is also fitted with a crimp force analyser to ensure that every crimp fitted meets the required quality standards.

Mechanical crimp presses

We have a total of 7 standard crimp presses in operation and possess a large range of crimp applicators for many of the common terminals and cable assemblies in use today, we also have excellent relationships with our toolmakers and can get a new terminal type up and running in extremely short lead times.

Pneumatic crimp presses

Our pneumatic crimp presses are an excellent solution to loose piece terminal application where hand tooling does not provide the quality and repeatability that is desired. We can apply a large range of terminals using this method for cable assembly use.

Soldering capability

Our experienced production staff are capable of a wide range of soldering tasks for your cable assemblies, from fine low current applications utilising Weller temperature controlled soldering stations to the more industrial high current connectors suitable for the battery powered industry. All solder used is lead free and fully RoHS compliant.

Manual assembly

We have a large team of experienced cable and connection production operatives to complete final assembly. The skill base of the operative is very varied and regular training and assessment is carried out to the highest standards.

Quality control

All of the products including cable assemblies, we produce are subjected to the highest standards of quality control. This takes the form of SPC control over the production activities combined with a final inspection process that is very rigorous. All cable looms and assemblies are 100% electrically and visually inspected before packing. This ensures that no faulty product is passed onto our customers and that feedback is immediately available to the production areas so that processes and training needs can be addressed.

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