Expert Cable & Connector Overmoulding

In-connect provides low and high-pressure overmoulding for all applications and we specialise in producing sensitive electronic components, connectors and cable assemblies. We have a collaborative approach to design and manufacture to ensure we meet your exact specifications.

Cable and Connector Overmoulding


Highly knowledgeable and experienced staff

We have more than 25 years’ experience of producing bespoke interconnect solutions. Many of our staff are IPC certified and in-connect has ISO9001 certification, so you can rely on us to provide an excellent service.


Complete design and development service

Through meetings and discussions we’ll work with you to design and manufacture exactly what you need, from low volume low pressure moulding to high-pressure mass manufacturing.


A range of overmoulding solutions

Overmoulding provides a professional finish to cable assemblies and ensures they are sealed, robust and tamperproof. We also produce moulded cable strain reliefs, bespoke cable transits and a number of low cost tooling options.


Top quality at a low cost

We have 3D print technology and all of our production is done in the UK, much of it on-site. We provide a variety of LCE supply options and due to our established supply chain we are able to provide bespoke solutions cost effectively.

Why customers have been coming to us for over 25 years:

  • Bespoke solutions and cost effective packages
  • Collaborative design process on all projects
  • IPC-certified staff and in-connect has ISO9001 certification
  • Low and high-pressure overmoulding
  • Excellent customer service and quick turnaround
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