In-connect is committed to high levels of quality throughout the operation of the company, whilst the quality of the products manufactured is crucial we also expect a high quality standard from every member of staff in every job role. This ranges from how we deal with customers and suppliers to the way we pack and deliver goods to customers.

The company is proud to be able to claim ISO 9001 : 2008 accreditation. In order to maintain this regular audits are carried out on an internal and external basis. A copy of our ISO certificate is available here. Our historical quality record is very good; however robust systems are in place to deal with any complaints from customers that do occur whether they are related to the service provided or product supplied.

The company uses fault analysis techniques to determine the root causes of problems and is also committed to continual improvement.

In order to maintain high quality manufacturing, in process, pre and post batch testing and measurement takes place. One area of particular concern is crimp terminal application where crimp height measurement and pull off force analysis regularly takes place. Unless specifically advised otherwise by customers all crimp takes place to BS6516 or BS5G178 as appropriate to the terminal type. We also have the ability to measure crimp force in process and this is used extensively throughout certain projects.

Final QA inspection and testing is also a major part of our manufacturing operations. All products are 100% electrically tested and also visually inspected before being packed for shipment. Where faults do occur fault analysis iscarried out as part of our continual improvement process.

Recent News

Greenstock Investment in Overmoulding Capabilities

Greenstock are proud to report that they have invested in a new moulding machine. This is another clear statement that Greenstock are committed to not only quality products, but with the aid of this new machinery they are also devoted to reducing the costs for its customers.

Greenstock In-connect Expand Offshore Manufacturing Capabilities

In-Connect work with Far Eastern partners to drive down costs without compromising on quality