Greenstock in-connect is an independent manufacturer and supplier of custom designed connectivity solutions, moulded products, electrical assemblies and wiring harnesses to a wide range of OEM customers worldwide.

in-connects combination of design capabilities, overmoulding and encapsulation experience and electrical manufacturing abilities make us stand out from traditional subcontract suppliers, we don't just make your products - we add value.

in-connect aims to partner your business, making use of our engineering and design expertise to ensure your products are made to your exact requirements in the best possible and most cost effective way.  

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Latest News

In Preparation For The Festive Season .....

November 20, 2018


This year our warehousing and manufacturing staff will be in overdrive as we prepare for the naturally high volumes of stock flying out the door....

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Introducing Greenstock's Overmoulding Capabilit...

November 15, 2018


At Greenstock we are a team of creators, designers, engineers and admin all working together to provide the industry with cost effective, high qual...

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Check Out What Services We Offer ...

November 07, 2018

At Greenstock not only do we focus on attaining the highest level of quality whilst supporting the environment, we are also dedicated to bringing a...

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Check Out Some Interesting Industry News ......

November 01, 2018

Industry News

We like to keep up to date with what is happening within the industry, and publishing interesting news articles.

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The History of Wire Looms.....

October 26, 2018


Wire looms are a big part of what Greenstock in-connect offer. And, while we, and our clients, interchange the terms we use to describe a loom / ca...

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Our Vision

October 23, 2018


We believe in our Vision

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