Low Pressure Overmoulding

Low pressure overmoulding uses Macromelt materials and generally offers a lower tooling cost than standard injection moulding. This lower initial investment makes this process much more suited to low and medium volume applications where a professional moulded finish was previously not a viable option.

In-connect work with Macromelt to provide a service that is suitable for many different applications as the material bonds to PVC, sealing and anchoring cables and bonding with clean steel, solders and other metals. When cool this material is tough retaining slight flexibility and below 0° becomes rigid.


Low pressure moulding techniques are also particularly suitable for the overmoulding of delicate components such as micro connectors, PCBA's and soft connector seals. this is often done as a first stage moulding to encapsulate parts and even up wall thicknesses. with an outer skin then applied through using high pressure moulding techniques.

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In-connect is a highly flexible manufacturer who can cope with both low and high volume requirements, and will work with customers to ensure lead times are minimal. We also hold stock for customers allowing next day and line side deliveries of products as required.

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and high levels of customer service, as a supply chain partner we will add significant value to your business.

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Product Quality is key to this market we embrace a very flexible approach providing customers with products as & when required. We implement a service structure that suits your operations.

"In-connect's technical capabilities and over-moulding facilities put them in a league of their own. This, coupled with their flexible approach and commitment to customer service, makes them an ideal business partner" Claire Childs, Managing Director, Live Electronics

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